Many a man has quaked in his boots at the thought of delving into the depths of his lady friend’s handbag – and so he should!

Growing up, my mother’s handbag seemed the source of all things – from spare change to mints, and of course, tissues. There were always wrinkled tissues on hand at the bottom of the bag, smelling strangely of a combination of cigarettes (my mother was a pack a day lady for a long time), mints and small change. It was a very distinct smell. And of course, the tissues were always declared ‘clean’ no matter how wrinkled and dodgy they appeared.

We start out using our handbags to carry our purses with bank cards and money, our lippy and the odd tissue or two. But over time and years, the contents of our bags change according to our life stage. Delve into the bag of a mother with small children and you’ll find the likes of dummies, food items in various stages of decomposition or mastication, spare kids underwear or nappies, crayons, cardboard readers, lego…the list is endless.

Working girls might have headache pills, perfume or some sort of smelly product, hair accessories of some kind, pens of the working or not variety, business cards and possibly a notebook, but scraps of paper of any kind are equally adequate. The bigger the bag, the more we seem to need to carry. I’m no longer surprised at the stuff that erupts from ladies’ bags.

My best friend and bridesmaid, Liese, is well known for catering to every eventuality in her handbag. If you need a band aid or safety pin, Liese has a collection to choose from. And she manages to fit them into the smallest of bags. She’s really a bit of a Mary Poppins the way she is able to dig down and come up with extraordinary things.

Whilst ladies carry a variety of things in their bags, the one thing they have in common is the darkness encountered inside. Nothing is located quickly. There is always an element of rummaging to find the desired item. No matter what our life stage, or what the contents of our bag is, we all lament the lack of visibility in the depths of our bags.

This need to stop whatever we’re doing and start digging around head down leaves us vulnerable to risks that may be around us. We end up stopped dead with our heads deep inside our bags.

The good news is that we no longer have to dig around in the dark trying to find what we want. There is now a light for our handbags, one that goes on automatically when we open our bags. This helps us to find what we’re after quickly so that we can go about our business quickly, easily and safely.

The Bagsablaze light is available exclusively through Kickstarter. You can get your very own handbag light here.