Kickstarter is a rewards based crowd-funding platform. This means that you offer a sum of money and you get a specific reward.

When our campaign goes live on Kickstarter, you will be able to choose from a number of rewards, each at a specific price. We will offer up a number of different rewards at different price points and will set a total funding goal to be achieved, as well as a time-frame for this goal to be achieved, before any money/rewards change hands.

So, you pledge an amount for a specific reward, and once our total funding goal is met within the prescribed time-frame, you get your reward and the money comes out of your credit card.

If we achieve our funding goal, the project will go ahead and you can expect to receive your product around its specified delivery date. Part of the excitement of a Kickstarter campaign is that you become a part of the creation process and you’ll be kept informed of the manufacturing process and any exciting developments or issues there may be along the way.

Your Kickstarter funded Bagsablaze light will be cheaper than when the product becomes available on the open market. So not only are you getting a product that nobody else has, but you will get it at a bargain!

If we don’t achieve our funding goal, then no money changes hands and you don’t receive our product. And without the funding seed money, the product will not be produced. So if you want our product, the only way to get it is to FUND IT ON KICKSTARTER!

We want you to own our product, and we want it to be available on the market. So please share our campaign with as many people as you can (and that means everyone you know who owns a handbag).

If you’d like more information on crowd funding, go to