Are you a triathlete?

  Tri-matters by Bagsablaze offers a simple and easy to use solution for every triathlete. 

 If you’ve had enough of humping your triathlon gear to the start of each triathlon, tri-matters is what you need!

No more struggling along to the transition area, stumbling over your bike, your pump, and the bags you’re trying to balance on your handle bars, usually in the dark.

No more digging into the bottom of your cave-like bag in the dark to find your gear to lay out in transition.

No more realising that you’ve left something important at home.

The beauty of our tri-matters triathlon transition solution is that it helps you to remember all of your gear when you’re packing for a race. Special tabs on individual pockets allow you to put the items you need into the pockets you want them to go, and label them to ensure that they’re not forgotten. Remember your towel and wet suit in their special waterproof section, and there’s space to hang your helmet and hat, and an area specially made to hold your pump.

Walking to rack your bike and deposit your gear is a breeze. No more struggling along trying to balance your bike while holding onto your pump. It’s all together in one place, and comfortably on you back. In the triathlon transition area, tri-matters triathlon transition solution becomes a mat to keep all of you racing gear clean, tidy and organised. You can stand on it, sit on it, unpack all of your gear onto it. And when the race is over, tri-matters ensures you don’t leave anything behind, keeps all of your wet gear separate, and folds back up into an easy to carry back-pack.

Tri-matters is not just for use on race day. Keep it fully packed in your car to ensure you have all you require for your training. Never miss another training session because you’ve left your gear at home!

Pre-order your Tri-matters now! (delivery currently mid-September)