It took a while to fine tune the design, and with the help of a number of focus groups and face-to-face and Skype discussions, we finally decided to go ahead and order our first prototype!

Now this was not entered into lightly! Building a prototype is a time consuming, stressful and expensive process. All of the bits and pieces need to be acquired and gathered, the circuit boards (which are very fiddly) need to be assembled and tested. Once they’ve passed the tests they have to be sent to a specialist factory to over-mould the outer casing. And at the end of it, all you get is one, yes ONE, product!

So the order has been placed, the bits and pieces gathered, the circuit boards created, tested and passed with flying colours. All that’s left to do is the over-moulding, which is waiting for the arrival of the completed circuit boards. And we’re left waiting……. just like waiting on the delivery of a new baby!


2015-07-09 16.26.28

The parts in relation to a 10c piece.


2015-07-09 15.19.31-1

Lights on!


Testing the lights


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